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About us

The website "Japanambience" is operated by “ORIENTPRO”company and serves as part of its activities.

The ”ORIENTPRO”company  was founded in 2002 and specializes in the field of Russian-Japanese business and cultural projects. The idea of creating a “Japaneseambience” portal was born in the process of long-term operation and implements a desire to create an online space that helps fans of Japan and its style to find their goods and services.

The site is organized on the principle of combination of e-shopping  as well as collecting useful information encyclopedic nature concerning Japanese style in architecture, design, fashion, decorative arts and photography.

Other fields of specialization of our company are as following:

  • Culture experience touristic programs in Japan  (together with the company "More Than Trvel")
  • Advice on programming individual trips in Japan
  • Market research of promising products in Japan and the selection of business partners
  • Assistance in organization of business trips in Japan
  • Consultations on the establishment of Japanese style and decoration elements of Japanese style in the interior
  • Advice on Japanese arts and crafts and the identification of appropriate workshops this subject
  • Selection of art objects and paintings in the Japanese style for interior decoration of private houses and public spaces
  • Interpreting the cultural events
  • Translation information associated with the cultural and business theme

A separate area of specialization of the company "Orienta" is a collaboration with Japanese music team HIDE+HIDE and organize tours of this team in Russia and Europe. The part of music you can here by downloading the WEB-saite was created by the Japanese composer Wakimaru Junichi, who is the member of Hide-Hide project.

We would be happy to be at your service!

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Or send us e-mail: orientpro@mail.ru

 Sincerely yours,

“ORINTPRO” company founder and president

Tatiana Naumova


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